Seaside Wedding in Malta

Hello! I’m Judit Pandula, a professional Wedding organizer in Malta, owner of “Vintage Wedding Planner”. My main job is the wedding planning since 2015. I have been organizing seaside weddings exclusively in Malta, as I’m living on the island.

I focus on doing weddings in Malta. It has become my profession. I love every moment of my job. When organizing a “dream wedding”, it is important for me to have some harmony with the couple at the very first meeting. I strive to make all your ideas perfect on the Big Day. The way you dream it.

After organizing weddings in Hungary for several years, our wedding service in Malta began in the autumn of 2017. With the assistance of our local assistant, we make your dream wedding a reality at a reasonable cost. It was a love project to which I could contribute in other roles as a ceremony leader. Thus, couples can now complement their honeymoon at our partner travel agencies or individually with a beach symbolic wedding by saying a blissful YES in front of me as a ceremony leader in a fairytale-like setting with the sea in the background.


I live in Malta and work exclusively with professional service providers. Based on our own experience, we are well acquainted with the endowments of the island. We know countless wonderful wedding and photography venues.

Today, a beach wedding in Malta has become the company’s main profile.

Take a closer look. It is not enough for us to make our customers satisfied. The goal is to impress the young couple!

With love:
Judit Pandula – Wedding planner