Rental of decoration for a beach wedding or an event

We can also assist you with event decoration if that is all you require. With our one-of-a-kind, fashionable decorations, we make the Big Day even more wonderful!

For your number of people and ideas, request a one-of-a-kind price offer or even a location proposal!

For a seaside wedding, use the following decorations:

  • Curtains and a gate with live or artificial flowers
  • Decoration with live or artificial flowers on a table
  • For the entire workforce, there are chairs with decorations

Decor for a festive dinner, wedding, or other event:

  • Candles, lanterns, shells, and live or artificial flowers can all be used as table decorations
  • Chairs and seats that are decorated
  • Other decorations, such as light bulbs and textiles, vary depending on the locale

Rental of decoration